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Our Story - The Lemonade Network

   The creation of The Lemonade Network is an incredible story about fate, opportunity and determination.
   The goal of The Lemonade Network is to bring people together into our positive network where they can find support, encouragement and help to get through challenging times.

The Power of the Mastermind Group

   There is staggering power and potential in a virtual world. The Lemonade Network started with six women who met over the phone and decided to create a Mastermind group to help each other build their individual businesses.
   As we cultivated the group dynamic within our Mastermind group, it morphed into a company which in turn produced a life-changing book that helps people emotionally recover from the economic crisis.
   When like-minded people get together and work toward a common goal, it is amazing what they can accomplish! Create your own Mastermind group to unleash the potential!
   We are here to help. 

   Each of us brings years of experience in various counseling and coaching fields. We have a desire to make a significant impact on others’ lives. Our own experiences and awareness of the physical impacts of stress led each of us to learn more about the specialized area of health coaching.  That is where we met. We all took the same course which was facilitated over the phone and the internet.

   In an effort to help one another, we created a mastermind group. We met twice a month and discussed various topics. On one conference call, we were brainstorming about how we could incorporate a group coaching program that would help people emotionally recover from the economic crisis.

   As the conversation continued, we quickly realized that this topic was a much bigger project. Within one week, we decided to write a book. Then we started a company.

   In defining our mission, the well-known Dale Carnegie phrase “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” kept surfacing. It seemed natural our name should be The Lemonade Network.

   We live in different states from coast to coast and we look forward to the day when we can finally meet in person. 
   In our more than 300 total years of life, the group has navigated a vast range of challenges and experiences that provide a collaborative wisdom from which we draw.

Stories of Survival

     As a group, we have survived many things including: eight job firings or layoffs, seven bankruptcies or severe financial difficulties, five tax liens or audits, one foreclosure and one mortgage default, seven divorces, six losses of assets through poor decisions or misguided investments, five failed businesses, the loss of 19 close loved ones, eight unexpected instances of significantly reduced income, the raising of nine children, six serious life-changing illnesses for ourselves or close family, five ”bosses from hell,” one home lost to fire and an average loss of more than 50 percent of life savings and investments in the current economic downturn.

   All of us have come through with a new knowledge of ourselves, a new level of confidence and a deep desire to help guide others through the maze from victim to victor.      

   It is our hope you will find a safe haven within our network where we can learn from each other and live happier, healthier lives.   

Read our book:
Emotional Stimulus Package: Your Guide to Re-creating the American Dream

Andrea C. Skelly, Ph.D, MPH
Innovative Coaching for Well-Being

Dr. Skelly’s workshops and coaching focus on empowering people to take control of their lives by guiding them to ask pertinent questions, discover personally effective tools and tap into their inner resources to create the lives they want. 

Jeanette Carter                                     www.ToWorldHealth.com
Professional Health and Life Coach
To World Health!

When you work with me,you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in your health, your energy, and your overall feeling of well-being. When you tie your goals to the big picture, your dream life, we uncover areas that you may not be aware of that are sabotaging your efforts to reach your target health goals.

Kathy Pandich                              www.PickGreenPower.com
Business Coach & Author
Pick Green Power, LLC

Kathy Pandich has teamed up with Viridian Energy. As an Associate with Viridian Energy, Kathy is helping individuals, corporations and non-profits make money by promoting green energy.  In this exciting endeavor, Kathy is fulfilling her passion and mission to make a difference.

Danny Fitzpatrick, MPA                  http://www.alanwolton.com 
General Manager
Alan Wolton, Inc.

Marsha Stopa, APP                       http://www.WinterBluesCoach.com                     
Professional Life and Health Coach
Changepoint Coaching







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