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where our goal is to help people emotionally recover from the economic crisis and the loss of a lifestyle. Learn more about us

Wrung out emotionally  because you’re strung out financially? When life hands you lemons, make friends at The Lemonade Network! Our dynamic team of professionals can help you through the grief and crisis with dignity, grace and triumph! 
   Looking for a step-by-step process to help deal with the emotional fallout from the economic crisis? Our new book (Emotional Stimulus Package: Your Guide to Re-creating the American Dream) will walk you through the seven stages of grief as they relate to a major life change and will give you practical advice on how to move forward and re-create your American dream. Learn more . . .



     "…there is no better time for this book than now. The desire of the authors to guide readers through the emotional storm of these challenging times, comes through in their compassionate telling of true stories of real people....
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Can I get help now?

    Need help right now to navigate the emotional landmines? You can listen to the founders of The Lemonade Network as they discuss how to deal with the grief created by an economy gone haywire. Videos and audios are available on this website to help you now! FREE Videos & Audios

Where can I get the book?

   You can purchase Emotional Stimulus Package: Your Guide to Re-creating the American Dream at our online store using PayPal.


You can also find it
at www.Amazon.com and 

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